In my small home studio in New Orleans, Louisiana I design letterpress prints, stationery, books, custom boxes and beyond under the moniker Alluvium Press, named for the sediment carried and shaped by a river.

I have spent the last decade studying book art, which included completing an MFA in Book Arts at The University of Alabama in 2016. My work often engages with books from an environmental, social and playful perspective. My artists' books are housed in institutions around the U.S. and are represented by Vamp&Tramp Booksellers. In addition to artists' books, I print stationery, bind journals and make things that I sell at local art markets with New Orleans letterpress collective, Typothetae.

In addition to my creative services, I am also available for book repair and conservation assistance. Feel free to contact me with custom job inquiries. I look forward to meeting with you and helping to preserve your well-loved books!

-Sara White